Snapchat reportedly making their own Android smartphone with 360-degree camera

By Team Feedbaac

While the Snapchat Spectacles have yet to go official in the Middle East, a report by the Daily Mail suggests that Snap Inc. could be working on their own Android smartphone that’s tuned specifically for camera selfies and instant messaging. One of the main features will be the integration of a 360-degree camera.

Snap Inc. has also developed the technology to support an 115-degree field of view media content. The concept image also hints that the device has a one touch capture button for a seamless capture of images or video, even when the smartphone screen is locked. There is also the home button which is shaped in the form of the Snapchat’s ghostly insignia. The volume buttons will help users to easily scroll through all the available image filters.

It’s also reported that Snapchat had recently hired nearly 50 new employees as hardware engineers and product designers, which could further indicate that the company is working on the smartphone and beyond.

The concept image you see above has been released by a California-based company called Mediakix. 'Snapchat's growth is slowing due to Instagram,' said Evan Asano, the CEO and founder of Mediakix. 'We were thinking about how they could be more innovated than their competitors and since Snapchat has re-branded themselves as a camera app, we thought what could be changed about a mobile device to make the camera and messaging at the forefront.'

While the Snapchat smartphone concept has a 360-degree camera, the concept image seems to also indicate a dedicated front camera as well, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a 360-degree camera in the first place. Regardless, we are sure that Snap Inc. might have a good reason for the dedicated front camera once the new Android smartphone goes official. There is no word yet or official confirmation of the price and release date of the device.

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