Toshiba Gulf launches the FlashAir, CANVIO, and TransferJet storage solutions in Dubai

By Team Feedbaac

Storage solution maker Toshiba Gulf FZE has officially launched three new innovative products at an event in Dubai, catering the photo and technology enthusiasts alike. The new products include the FlashAir SD card, CANVIO for Smartphone for charging and data backup, and the TransferJet for transferring data over the air in speeds faster than WiFI or Bluetooth.

Thanks to the licensing from US-based Eyefi company, the Toshiba FlashAir features embedded wireless LAN transfers with the “Eyefi Connected” technology. Users will be able to toggle the radio connectivity on and off with the FlashAir and Eyefi Connected cameras. There are over 300 camera models from 10 leading camera manufactures that includes Canon, Nikon and Sony. The Eyefi Mobi App for iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows 10 will bring support for the FlashAir SD cards. These new SD cards are based on the Class 10 write and read speed performance.

The Toshiba ‘CANVIO for Smartphones’ is a new type of device which allows users to get their data backed up from their smartphone in ease, while keeping it in charge. Backups of photos, videos, music, documents, and contacts are automatically done from the smartphone to the device. The user will only need to activate this function from the intuitive Android app. The CANVIO can also be used by PC users as well as an external hard drive, backing up personal data with USB Type-A and Type-C connections.

“With the rapid shift from PC-centric to mobile-centric world and zettabytes of personal data like pictures, videos, music, emails are stored on millions of smartphones. User data on smartphones are prone to data loss due to theft, water damaged, dropped and broken devices, yet most users lacks interest to back up their precious data on their smartphones regularly” says Santosh Varghese, General Manager of Toshiba Gulf FZE, Storage Products and Solutions Division. “Toshiba has launched an innovative 2-in-1 solution that offers simple and easy backup solution for smartphones while charging the phones, which is something that users have to do regularly. By providing charging and storage together, the CANVIO for Smartphone gives users a perfect solution to back up their precious data everytime the phone is charged”.

The Toshiba TransferJet is their latest product for wireless transfers that’s faster than Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC. The device is fast and reliable for transferring large files in crowded areas. Users will only need to plug the TransferJet on the mobile phone or PC, and transfer data at 375mbps.

The new products are expected to hit the local stores by April 2017, and prices are yet to be announced.