UPS tests a delivery drone that was launched from a delivery truck

By Team Feedbaac

It looks like many major online services are seriously considering to embrace the use drones as their new means of deliveries for users. The latest is UPS, who now has plans to integrate the drones on delivery trucks and launch them at different delivery points.

The delivery company had run their initial test flight of a delivery drone that was launched from the top of their truck. The drone, then autonomously went ahead to deliver the package and returned back to the truck. The fact is that the truck moved to a different location before the drone returned.

Apparently, UPS’s second test run weren’t successful, as the drone aborted its launch and failed. So, it clearly indicates that UPS has a long way from making the system perfect.

Mark Wallace, one of the engineering executives of UPS said that “our package cars often have to travel miles to make a single delivery”. The company thinks that its possible to save up to $50 million per year if these drones are used. It was reported that the truck and the drone was built a company called Workhorse. The drone is capable of flying for up to 30 minutes and carry packages that weigh up to 10 pounds.

It could be a while until we will see all delivery companies use drones to deliver goods to the public.

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