Official LG G6 renders leaked by Qualcomm right before MWC 2017

By Team Feedbaac

Looks like someone at Qualcomm accidentally tweeted out the official press renders for the LG G6. In a tweet on the official Qualcomm page just 3 hours ago, we found gorgeous images of the smartphone along with some indication of what the device will be like.

Qualcomm calls the LG G6 a “movie screen in the palm of your hands”, putting emphasis on Dolby Vision and the Snapdragon processors. This most likely means that the LG G6 will be supporting HDR display technology thanks to Dolby as well as the Snapdragon 821 it was rumored to be powered by.

We can see the USB-C port at the bottom along with a speaker grill, the volume buttons on the left and SIM tray on the right. The dual rear cameras on the back come as no surprise at this point. The smartphone is set to launch later today and we will have all the details then.