The Nokia 3310 is back, launches later this year

By Team Feedbaac

HMD is on a roll with the Nokia brand and in a bid to cash in on that sweet nostalgia, they have re-released the Nokia 3310 with some cool new features to go with the current times. And yes, you can play Snake on it.

The Nokia 3310’s modern variant will be running Nokia’s Series 30+ operating software and sports a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera and even a headphone jack. With slightly updated features like a microUSB port, microSD card slot and Bluetooth, the 3310 is far from the ideal stone-age handset. The feature phone can handle 2.5G internet connections, but does not come with WiFi or GPS.  

The new design mimics the iconic shape of the original but adds a colorful spin to it. Regardless of how it looks, the Nokia 3310 brings back the near-everlasting battery. With up to a month of standby time and the ability to talk all day long, you no longer need to carry your charger with you around town.

The phone will be available internationally in the second quarter of the year for a meager price of €49 (AED 190).