Sony Xperia Touch projector launched at MWC 2017, turns any surface into a touchscreen

By Team Feedbaac

Over a year ago, Sony had unveiled a new projector concept that allows any user to interact with the projection on any surface. The device is now ready for the market and is launched at the MWC 2017 as the Sony Xperia Touch.

The Xperia Touch is an Android powered device that is designed to be a digital hub for families. While its powered by Android, the user interface is custom designed by Sony that lets the user see a ton of information like real-time weather, calendar, notes, Skype, and more.

Since it’s an Android device, users can basically do anything with the interaction, just as you would do with a tablet. You can install any application from the Google PlayStore and even use PS4 Remote Play. It looks like Sony has pulled off the PS4 Remote gameplay capability on this device as well. The Xperia Touch uses the SXRD projection display technology that is capable of detecting gestures with the help of infrared cameras and a 60fps camera.

Since the projector will be releasing later this year in Europe for a retail price of 1499 Euros (AED 5829), expect the Sony Xperia Touch to hit the UAE stores around the same timeframe.