Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard launches in UAE

By Team Feedbaac

For those of you running a workstation using multiple devices, switching from one to the other can be a pain. This is why Logitech has launched the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard, the first fully-equipped computer keyboard with a 10-key pad that also works with smartphones and tablets. With the Easy-Switch button, you can “easily switch” between up to three connected devices and type instantly.

“When it comes to typing, we can create a document quickly and comfortably on the computer, but when answering a text message on the phone we’re limited to what our two thumbs can do,” says Art O Gnimh, global director of keyboards at Logitech. "With the K780 Multi-Device, you can type comfortably at desktop speed on all the devices that you use at your desk, seamlessly switching between them with the touch of a button.”

According to Logitech, the K780 Multi-Device offers quiet and responsive typing with keys that are large and carefully scooped for typing comfort and precision. The keyboard does contain a convenient 10-key pad makes it easy to enter numbers. An integrated rubber slot with a soft finish securely cradles a variety of mobile devices at a perfect reading angle, from smartphones to iPads.

The K780 Multi-Device adapts to your devices, so whether you are using a Windows PC or iPhone, the key layout is familiar and you can even access your favorite shortcuts. With both a Logitech Unifying USB and Bluetooth Smart technology, you can choose the best way to connect to your computer, phone or tablet.

With a power-saving idle mode along with the tradition power off option, the K780 Multi-Device offers up to 24-months of battery life – plenty of time to get used to a new way of multi-tasking, by typing on all your devices with a single keyboard. The K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is available now for a retail price of 299AED.