Google has new features in store for Android at Google I/O

By Team Feedbaac

It’s no surprise that Google is hard at work on the next iteration of their Android operating system, currently known as “Android O”. Their upcoming event may showcase some new smart features for Android devices, building upon their eventual goals for the software.

The first feature that’s been talked about is “Copy Less”, which involves predicting when you’re likely going to need to switch to another app. For example, when you’re talking about a certain restaurant and you want to send someone the location, Android will predict your moves and suggest the address in a text box to complete your message without you having to look up the address online. Seems like a nifty feature for some of us.

In Android O, according to VentureBeat, another almost confirmed feature is support for universal gestures. Similar to the gesture system on Huawei’s Mate 9, you can call up specific apps using gestures like drawing an alphabet.

Google I/O will be taking place from May 17 to 19, 2017 and will definitely include some hints into what we may see in the next version of Android. With the latest rumors that the next Pixel phone might be removing the headphone jack, what other design features might be revealed to us?