Swatch to develop their own smartwatch OS, will launch a Tissot-branded model by 2018

By Team Feedbaac

It looks like the smartwatch trend has got the attention of many popular watch brands, such as the Switzerland-based Swatch. Surprisingly, the company will be developing their own operating system that will compete with Android Wear, Apple Watch and Tizen.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Swatch CEO Nick Hayek mentioned in an interview that the Swiss watchmaker will be developing their own software that will be more power efficient and more secure than other smartwatches. Swatch is looking forward to launch a new smartwatch under the Tissot brand by 2018 with this new operating system.

Swatch’s new plans come right after TAG Heuer unveiled their second Android Wear smartwatch with swappable modules, developed in collaboration with Google and Intel. The executive also stated that Swatch will be ready to source third party companies with the new operating system. The new operating system will be developed with the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology.

Will the arrival of a new smartwatch operating system affect the sales of Apple Watch and Android Wear devices? Do we need another smartwatch software in the market? How does Swatch plan to compete against the world’s biggest electronics makers? We shall wait and see.