Super Mario Run Android, Montblanc Summit, Guess Connect, CABSAT 2017, Apple iPhone 7 RED and more

By Team Feedbaac

We're back with a roundup of the best technology news, loads of smartwatch news, and some fun of smartphone gaming. 

Super Mario Run to launch for Android smartphones on March 23

Super Mario Run just came out for Android. Since the release of the Super Mario Run back in December for the iOS platform, Nintendo fetched over $50 million from the game, and Android users have been waiting for a final release date of the mobile game from the Japanese gaming company.

Montblanc Summit enters the luxury smartwatch market, launched with Android Wear 2.0

Last week TAG Heuer joined the smartwatch game and this week, it’s Montblanc’s turn. The Summit is their luxury smartwatch offering sporting the Snapdragon Wear 2100 and Android Wear 2.0. While it isn’t modular, it does come in a variety of designs from stainless steel to titanium. With all these new smartwatches, Android Wear fans are getting pretty spoiled for choice.

Swatch to develop their own smartwatch OS, will launch a Tissot-branded model by 2018

Well, even Swatch is joining in on the smartwatch race. However, rather than adopt Android Wear or Tizen, they’ll be creating their own operating system to compete with the rest. They are looking to launch their smartwatch under the Tissot brand by 2018 and we can’t wait to see how they’re planning on going up against the current players in the market.

Guess Watches announces stylish Android Wear powered smartwatches

In partnership with Google and Qualcomm, Guess announced two new additions to their Guess Connect smartwatch line. While they’re each completely different in their design, they both run Android Wear 2.0 as expected and are powered by the Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. They look great and actually look more like traditional watches, which a lot of people might prefer.

Canon showcases high-end 4.5K video cameras at CABSAT 2017

We were at CABSAT 2017 this week where Canon announced their new cinema camera the EOS C700. With a modular design aimed at high-end cinema production, it’s not something you would use for your family vacations. The C700 takes everything Canon has learned over the past five years in cinema production and incorporates it into their latest flagship camera.

Huawei P10 lite is official and available for pre-orders, launching on March 31

The Huawei P10 lite is finally official and will be available for purchase on March 31st along with the P10. For those of you looking for a great budget-friendly smartphone, this is the one to keep your eye on. Starting March 25th, you can pre-book the P10 and P10 Plus at select online retailers. It seems you can even use Facebook to reserve your P10s using the hashtag #PreBooking and #HuaweiP10.

Apple launches a new 9.7-inch iPad, replaces the iPad Air 2 for an affordable price and RED iPhone 7 Special Editions

Apple is cleaning up their iPad lineup by introducing the new iPad. There’s no numbering involved, it’s just the iPad. It’s cheaper, comes with better features and it’ll be replacing the iPad Air 2.

Apart from that, Apple has also announced a new special edition RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. All these new Apple devices will be available to pre-order starting today, March 24th so make sure you get your orders in while they’re still up.