Samsung to officially bring back the Galaxy Note7 as specially refurbished devices

By Team Feedbaac

While we are hardly just a couple of days away from the unveiling of the Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone, Samsung has officially stated that they are planning to bring back the ill-fated Galaxy Note7 phablet. The smartphone, which was discontinued last year due to fire-hazardous batteries, will go through a specialized process to determine if it's eligible to be sold.

Samsung says that the device will first be considered if can be used as a refurbished smartphone or rental phones. The company will then salvage important components of the device such as the camera modules and semiconductor chips. The smartphone will then go through a process of metal extraction using environmental-friendly methods.

The company will consult with the regulatory authorities and mobile operators regarding if the Note7 will be allowed to be sold. Local demands of the smartphone will also be considered. Samsung is also said to be featuring these devices with smaller batteries to reduce to risk of it catching fire.

Whether these new Galaxy Note7’s will ever be allowed to hit the UAE market is yet to be seen. Do you think it’s a good move for Samsung to sell these devices? Or that they should just focus on the next Galaxy Note8?