Apple patents an AirPods case that could also charge Apple Watch and iPhones

By Team Feedbaac

It looks like Apple is already getting busy to make the next set of Apple AirPods, and while there isn’t any specific release date for the new accessory, the Cupertino company has filed an interesting patent which indicates that the case for the next-gen AirPods could potentially be capable of charging other devices such as the Apple Watch or even an iPhone.

Hard to believe that such a feat is possible with a case that’s quite small because the current Apple AirPod case features a 398 mAh battery. Apple may need to make a larger case so that the device can house a bigger battery capacity that’s sufficient enough to charge multiple Apple products.

Apart from our analysis, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple pulls this off by maintaining the case’s size as a small form-factor, and surely it will be a handy feature for many Apple users out there who uses iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods on the go.

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