Uber and RTA launches UberX affordable cab service in Dubai

By Team Feedbaac

Uber has officially announced the availability of their affordable cab service option called the UberX, as a pilot project in partnership with RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). Currently, only a select number of riders will be able to request for UberX.

The new service will have a starting base fare of AED 5, and with each Km, you will be charged with AED 1.37. UberX is also charged at AED 0.40 per minute. Uber says that in the first pilot phase, existing users will be invited to be picked up in a Toyota Previa, Toyota Prado or a Lexus sedan. After the successful completion of the initial pilot, Uber will be offering more affordable selection of vehicles for lower fares for all users.

“We thrive on finding ways to constantly improve and refine our technology to provide safe, reliable, and affordable rides and we’re excited to continue to work closely with the RTA in line with their innovative vision for transportation in Dubai”

Chris Free, General Manager, Uber UAE said “We are very excited about this partnership with the RTA and to bring uberX to Dubai, a city leading the way in smart technologies. This launch promotes our belief that increased access to economic and reliable modes of transport will provide a viable alternative to individual car ownership, helping to tackle congestion and pollution, whilst complementing the existing public transit infrastructure in Dubai. Uber is an integral part of Dubai’s infrastructure, and we are committed to offering a service accessible to all. Our vision is to have more people in fewer cars, promote the use of public transport by providing an economically priced product for people to get to/from metro, tram stations, bus stops and marine transport stations, and to ultimately allow riders to move around their cities easier,”

The UberX option is now readily available to be called upon via the Uber app.