Apple may feature the iPhone 8 with a dual-lens selfie camera

By Team Feedbaac

Over the past one year, we have come across various rumors and tips regarding the possible specifications of the upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone. A recent report by Bloomberg suggests that Apple is currently testing new prototypes with a front-facing dual-lens camera.

While the current generation iPhones come with single-lens front cameras, Apple is exploring the possibilities of dual-lens configurations, along with trying out new features such as augmented reality and depth of field effects improvements. Apple will still be using Sony mobile image sensors for their smartphones as their current generation models. Apple has also toyed with the idea of integrating cameras into the screen itself.

This is quite an interesting turn of rumors. There is also word that Apple has finalized the design of the all-screen OLED display panel to be flat with some degree of curves at the edges of the display towards the steel frame and the new Apple A11 processor will be manufactured under the 10nm fabrication process.

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