Apple’s self-driving car project makes way for training experts

By Team Feedbaac

While we all know Apple as the maker of iPhones, iPad and super-thin MacBook’s, the Cupertino company has plans for their own autonomous self-driving car in the making. A recent report by Reuters states that Apple has handed over certain documents to California-based regulators that outline a plan to train experts for the program.

The Cupertino company is said to be granted permission to test-run their autonomous vehicles on April 14 by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Out of the 41-page document that Reuters received, there is also a 10-page section regarding how operators should take back control of the car while in autonomous mode.

The documents were termed “Automated System: Development Platform Specific Training Overview” with the objective to “train safety drivers in various automated driving conditions”. The document also highlights that the development platform is controlled electronically by a joystick and safety drivers should be ready to take control of the system.

Unfortunately, the documents don’t reveal anything about the specifications of Apple’s new self-driving car. Tell us below, what do you think of an Apple-branded self-driving car.