Ultrasonic dryers set to deliver more energy efficiency and half the operating times

By Team Feedbaac

It happens so that scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory with General Electric and the Department of Energy have created a new Ultrasonic Dryer that’s said to be capable of delivering five times the energy efficiency than standard dryers. The new technology is also capable of drying a medium load of clothes in about 20 minutes.

This is possible because the new machines use high-frequency vibrations to shake off the water from the clothes. It’s also claimed that the new ultrasonic dryers will take it easy on the colors and fabric of the clothes and your dresses will last longer with such a dryer. Yahoo reports that the Department of Energy has invested over $880,000 in the new project.

If this becomes a success, it will take some time until most of the brands will bring such models into the consumer market.