Apple reportedly testing autonomous cars on California streets

By Team Feedbaac
Apple wastes no time to test their autonomous car ambitions and is believed to be testing these advanced vehicles on the streets of California.

It wasn’t long ago when several documents were leaked regarding the training of experts for Apple’s self-driving car project. The latest report claims that the Cupertino company’s autonomous car project that has been spotted driving out of an Apple facility and in the streets of California, according to sources.

The car that we see here is an autonomous Lexus RX450h SUV with a series of vital cameras, the LiDAR sensors by Velodyne, and other critical equipment’s that’s needed for self-driving capabilities. Judging by the third-party equipment used here, Apple is looking to focus on the software of the self-driving vehicle.

The car that was spotted has still yet to be legibly confirmed that it belongs to Apple at the first place. For all we know it, the car could be a part of the Google spinoff Waymo, who apparently also test runs their self-driving projects with a Lexus RX450h SUV. That said, the car’s reported location convinces the sources that it’s an Apple Autonomous System.