WhatsApp was down in Dubai and the world for hours

By Team Feedbaac
One of the most popular social application networks went completely down for hours for billions of users worldwide until all services were restored.


Were you in a state of a panic attack last night after learning that your WhatsApp account wasn’t sending or receiving messages? Did you try switching between networks or restarting your smartphone? Chances are that most of us throughout the globe were in the same boat. No, it wasn’t any sort of internet shortages as the world’s most popular social app network was completely inactive for hours during last night.

Thankfully, WhatsApp was aware of the situation and their spokesperson had commented to Reuters that they were working on the situation. As of now, all WhatsApp services throughout the world, including the UAE have been restored. WhatsApp also apologized in their Twitter account about the worldwide outage that left the whole of the internet in a state of panic.

WhatsApp recently had added new features such as the live status that mimics Instagram Stories. There were rumours that WhatsApp plans to introduce a way to let users revoke a sent message. However, WhatsApp has yet to officially release the new feature update.