Next-generation Amazon Echo image leaks with a revamped design and a video display

By Team Feedbaac
Amazon is making an all-new smart speaker that may give Google a run for their money.

While the Amazon Echo smart speaker is quite popular for its voice-based artificial intelligence Alexa, the company is looking to add new features that will make the Echo more than just a talking speaker. An alleged leaked image from SlashLeaks shows that the next-generation Amazon Echo will have a completely new design and a large video display.

According to the leaked image, Amazon will be ditching the cylindrical design of the previous Echo for a square-like front side with some stylish cuts and a slanting rear side. The front portion consists of the display and below the screen is the speaker portion. However, there isn’t any other information regarding the size and resolution of the display.

It’s also the first time that we are looking at a new Alexa user interface on a speaker display. Details regarding the internal specification of the speaker is not available at the moment. Amazon’s new step in involving smart speakers will definitely make Google to rethink their design strategies and get them back to their drawing boards for a new Google Assistant powered Google Home with a video display. Microsoft and Harman Kardon is also expected to unveil a Cortana powered smart assistant device speaker called the Invoke. Back in CES 2017, Lenovo also unveiled their own version of an Alexa powered smart speaker that also features a cylindrical design.

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