Apple is Starting iPhone 8 Production Quite a Bit Early

By Team Feedbaac
Component makers for the new iPhone are soon going to start production, but not to accelerate the release of the device.

In what appears to be staunch confidence, or maybe researched-backed maneuver, Apple has ordered its component manufacturers to start production as early as June.

According to Taipei’s Economic Daily News, both Kinsus Interconnect and Zhen Ding will begin production of components for the tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone. TSMC, the company will be producing the A11 chipset that will power the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus will start its mass production in July.

However, manufacturers are not starting early in order to accelerate the release of the phones – they still expect Apple to unveil the new devices in September and launch it the following month (as is tradition). Instead, it seems that Apple wants to build a large supply of iPhone 8 units before it’s launch this year. This shows that Apple hopes to sell a lot of units and cash in on a huge fiscal first quarter next year with the new devices.

We know very little about the new iPhone 8 although the rumor mill has been churning out bits and pieces of information on a regular basis since last year. In the latest, it’s been rumored that the iPhone 8 may feature a stainless-steel frame in between the front and rear glass panels, as well as an OLED screen, a new pressure sensitive 3D Touch sensor, and most curiously, a ‘Function Area’ for virtual buttons instead of the good ol’ Touch ID-enabled home button.