Analyst predicts that Apple iPhone 8 may cost about AED 3669 for 128GB and AED 4036 for 256GB

By Team Feedbaac
Apple’s upcoming smartphone is expected to have a price tag that exceeds the most expensive iPhone 7 Plus.

Simona Jankowski, who is an analyst at Goldman Sachs, predicts that Apple will be selling the iPhone 8 for $999 (AED 3669) for the 128GB model and $1099 (AED 4036) for the 256GB storage option. The new smartphones are expected to be unveiled by September this year.

Jankowski was issuing her new research to the investors in which she had explained her expectations regarding the pricing of the Apple iPhone 8. She also mentioned that the new iPhone 8 will have new features that are not available on the smaller models: an OLED display, augmented reality and new 3D Touch sensors. These rumors have already been claimed by many other sources in the past.

Jankowski also predicted that the 2018 iPhone sales will reach up to 243 million units. While there were certain reports which claimed that Apple may delay the production of the iPhone 8 due to shortage of components (which could result in a delayed launch by 2018), a new report suggests that Apple has reportedly ordered their component makers to start preparing for the production for the Apple iPhone 8, the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus by June.

Regardless of the prediction, it’s now very obvious that the iPhone 8 will be the costliest smartphone ever made by Apple. If you have been planning to get your hands on one, then it’s a good time to start saving.