Google Assistant is now available for Apple iPhones and iPads

By Team Feedbaac
Google’s conversational AI is now downloadable from the Apple App Store, but with limited functionalities.

Search giant Google Inc. has officially announced the availability of its Google Assistant AI application for the Apple iOS platform.

Google Assistant was first launched alongside the release of the Google Pixel smartphones and was then later made available on recent smartphones such as the LG G6 and the Moto G5. While Apple iPhone users will be able to download the Google Assistant, the application may not be able to work at its full potential as it does on an Android smartphone due to API restrictions. Google Assistant on iOS can help users to manage their tasks, control your home with IoT compatible devices, playing music, ask queries, sending messages and more.

One of the features that will be missed is the “OK Google” wake command that can supposedly be activated when the screen is off. Apple users will not be able to remap their home button to replace Siri for Google Assistant. The application requires has a minimum requirement of iOS 9.1 or later.

Google Assistant is known for its contextual conversation capability with the user. The personal assistant is available in many Android Nougat smartphones, the latest Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches and the Google Home smart speaker system.