Cab-Hailing App Careem launches Courier Service in the UAE

By Team Feedbaac
Get your important documents and personal effects delivered by Careem now.

Careem, UAE’s private cab-hailing service, announced today that it will be getting into courier deliveries with the launch of a brand-new in-built service called BOX.

BOX is pitched as a reliable and efficient way to issue pick up and delivery of your important documents and personal effects as it has an in-app tracking system that allows customers to see exactly where their delivery is and the estimated time of arrival. You will only be able to hire a bike, so don’t expect to send bigger items. You will still have to use Aramex for that.

We are excited to be launching the brand-new service BOX, to our portfolio,” said Faraz Syed, Managing Director of Careem Labs and Careem UAE. “This service is based on feedback and trends which we've spotted in the market. This is part of our commitment to deliver what our customers are looking for, and a more affordable delivery service is exactly that. The initial phase of the service is crucial and we look forward to seeing how it is received.”

The base fare for BOX is set at AED 6, with a minimum fare of AED 20 for an instant delivery, and AED 30 for a scheduled delivery. Using BOX is as simple as hailing a ride from the Careem app. All you have to do is open the app, select the new BOX icon, and follow the standard procedure to hire a bike for delivery needs. BOX accepts deliveries from as close as 5kms, and will initially be available for Dubai users only.