UAE’s Now Lets You Login with Your Amazon Account

By Team Feedbaac
Amazon has taken its first baby step into the region after acquiring

Things have been a bit quiet after Amazon purchased earlier this year. Most of us expected a quick transition into what we assume will be Amazon Middle East, bringing with it its renowned service and millions of quality products. But it seems things will be moving quite slowly as the acquisition has yet to completely go through, however, Amazon does seem to have taken a small step towards cementing its place in the region. now allows you to login with your Amazon account. It’s not a complete implementation though, as using your Amazon account on Souq will not let you access or place your orders from Amazon. In fact, it will still continue to show your Souq orders, and will only share your name, email address and US post code from Amazon.

Let’s also keep in mind that the ‘Login with Amazon’ feature is more of a service than an exclusive deal - much like Google logins - where a website can choose to implement it if they want to, and it’s not just available for Amazon affiliate sites.

Amazon’s purchase of Souq caused quite a stir earlier this year. The immediate impact of the sale was had on Emaar, who swiftly purchased and merged it into its upcoming online retail site,, for an undisclosed amount. Noon is expected to launch some time this year, falling far behind its initial 2016 launch date.