Atari Teases New Game Console Called AtariBox

By Team Feedbaac
Atari is making a comeback into the console business.

Atari has teased a new game console called the AtariBox, officially bringing the iconic video game publisher back into the console business.

The company released a short video teasing the brand new console. While the video doesn’t reveal much, we can at least tell that the company isn’t doing away with its classic wood-grain design.

According to Atari CEO Fred Chesnais, the AtariBox will be based on PC technology, although what that means remains to be seen. Chesnais also said the system’s design is still not finalized and that more information will be shared at a later date. The teaser did not say when the reveal will happen, either.

AtariBox sits at an interesting prospect in the console business. With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One dominating the hardcore gamer market, and the Nintendo Switch catering to the family friendly gaming segment, what unique angle Atari will bring to the table will be interesting to know. If it’s indeed a fully-fledged console and not a pre-built PC, Atari has to lay down proper incentives to lure gamers to buy into its new hardware, and that means a slew of exciting launch titles, online support and consistent flow third party games.

Atari’s last home console was the Atari Jaguar, which released back in 1993 for $249.99. The console failed to pick up with the gaming audience, selling only 100,000 units in just a year, and saw rapid decline in sales once Sony and Sega entered the console market.