The Apple iPhone turns 10 years and still going strong

By Team Feedbaac
Happy Birthday iPhone: The phone that revolutionized the phone industry

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“You know, everybody has a cell phone, but I don’t know one person who likes their cell phone. I want to make a phone that people love.“ - Steve Jobs.

Ten years ago, Apple launched their first smartphone that ended up revolutionizing an industry. The iPhone launched at a time when dumb and feature phones ruled the market, and BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile “smartphones” were dominating businesses.

What made the iPhone so special was its elegant design, its incredible ease of use, and most importantly, the multi-touch screen. Attractive, beautiful icons, and simple navigational menus made the iPhone an instant hit, even though it lacked plenty of features that were already available in other smartphones, like 3G data speed.

The launch of the iPhone came as a surprise to many of Apple’s suppliers, even though the company had expanded its product portfolio to similar devices like the famous iPod.

“We still have the voicemail from Steve Jobs when he called the CEO and founder here,” said Skyhook’s David Bairstow, a company that supplied technology for the original iPhone. “He thought he was being pranked by someone in the office and it took him two days to call Steve Jobs back.”

The original iPhone had a 3.5” display with a 480x320 resolution, which is a far cry from the iPhone 7 Plus’ 5.5” display with 1920x1080 resolution, and the 4K displays of other smartphones. The entry level iPhone had just 4GB of storage and only worked on AT&T’s slow EDGE network. What’s more, it didn’t even have the App Store that finally catapulted the iPhone as the market leader, featuring just an email app, a browser, and a few other apps that were quite advanced and easy to use that anything else available on the market. Despite its many shortcomings, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the main reason why the iPhone really took off was its multi-touch display, something that had never been introduced on a mass-consumer smartphone before. It made the phone so much easier and faster to use compared to other phones that featured capacitive touch screens.

Here's a glance on the list of all the iPhone released so far:



As Apple celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, expectations with the iPhone 8 are high. Rumors suggest that the iPhone 8 will have a new stainless steel frame, a virtual home button with built-in fingerprint scanner that’s embedded within the display. The display is said to feature an edge-to-edge OLED screen. It’s also rumored that the iPhone 8 could be waterproof and according to some schematics, the device could be the first iPhone to feature wireless charging capabilities. Another addition is the dual-lens camera on the rear, that’s expected to arranged vertically. According to an analyst, the price of the iPhone 8 is expected to hold a starting price of AED 3669 for the 128GB model and AED 4036 for the 256GB model. The iPhone 8, the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus is expected to be announced later this year.