Leaked images of upcoming Fitbit smartwatch reveal an improved heart rate monitor

By Team Feedbaac
Photos of the upcoming Fitbit smartwatch reveal a familiar design with new heart rate monitoring technology.

Talks of a new smartwatch from Fitbit having been making the rounds for quite some time now with anticipation running high on what the new wearable will look like. Well, the waiting seems to be over at last as images of the new Fitbit smartwatch have finally emerged giving us a look into what’s coming.

Fitbit Smartwatch leaked design

Images of the new Fitbit smartwatch show three color variants; a silver case with navy strap, a rose gold case with blue strap and a black case with matching strap. The wristbands seem to be made of flexible elastomer that is standard with Fitbit wearables. The design of the new Fitbit seems strikingly similar to the Fitbit Blaze with the new watch having the same square dial and button placement as that of the Blaze. The buttons are placed two on the right side and one on the left. The back of the watch too is the same protruding design as the Fitbit Blaze. The protrusion is presumably to allow a better reading for the optical heart rate sensor.

What is interesting is that Fitbit seems to be using infra-red technology to get reading for heart rate monitoring on the smartwatch. This is a deviation from the green LED optical sensors which the company has used in the past for its PurePulse tech.  The use of infra red also suggests that the new Fitbit smartwatch will be equipped with a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen levels in the blood. The red light technology will also be an improvement on reading other physiological parameters that can give inaccurate readings on the green LED optical sensors.  Other rumored features of the new Fitbit smartwatch include a built-in GPS, NFC and a battery that lasts for four days.

Expectations from the new Fitbit smartwatch are high and the device is hoped to offer the same fitness features as that of the Charge 2. Considering that Fitbit will be going up against the Apple Watch, a lot rests on the Fitbit apps and what they deliver.  But, considering that Fitbit will make the SDK (software development kit) widely available once the watch is launched, there is hope for the app collection to grow. It should be noted that Garmin too is preparing to launch the Vivoactive 3 which will also prove to be a worthy competitor to Fitbit.

The new Fitbit smartwatch, which was previously scheduled to go on sale in spring, has been plagued by multiple production issues. However, it seems as if they are finally on track and will launch their product soon.  Here’s hoping that it will prove to be a winner on all counts!

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