Microsoft Xbox One X “Project Scorpio Edition” preorders coming soon in the UAE with Geekay Games

By Team Feedbaac
For all those Xbox fans who weren’t happy about the Xbox One X name, will soon be able to preorder the “Project Scorpio” Edition from one of the most popular game retailers in the UAE.

Microsoft Xbox One X Scorpio Edition

UPDATE: Geekay Games has currently taken down the pre-order page for the Xbox One X and may be restored at a later date. We will let you know once the page is back online. Meanwhile, purchases that have already been placed are still valid and not canceled.

Original Story

With 4K gaming becoming the new trend in the gaming industry, Sony and Microsoft are trying to close the performance gap between current generation consoles and the high-end gaming PC’s, by releasing upgraded versions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Microsoft’s latest game console called the Xbox One X is by far the most powerful video game system on the planet. The good news is that UAE gamers will now be able to preorder the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition from Geekay Games.

While the console had been in development for over a year, Microsoft had officially announced the Xbox One X back at E3 2017. With the PlayStation 4 Pro already released almost a year ago, Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do. One of the main reasons to buy the Xbox One X is because of its powerful hardware that surpasses the PS4 Pro, along with a built-in 4K blue-ray player, something that Sony’s latest machine does lack. But then again, it’s designed to be a gaming product at the first place. That said, the Xbox One X features a faster AMD CPU, clocked at 2.3 GHz (slightly faster than the 2.1 GHz in the PS4 Pro), and the integrated custom Radeon GPU of the One X can process up to 6 TFlops of computing power (far more than the 4.2 TFlops of the PS4 Pro). The RAM is also increased to a whopping 12GB GDDR5 along with 8GB cache and HDR support. The console also holds a 1TB hard disk drive that is touted to load faster than its predecessor models.

All these technical specifications mean that Microsoft’s latest gaming monster is designed to deliver true 4K gaming experiences, something that can only be achieved by high-end gaming PCs. Microsoft also says that there will be a lot of games that will be enhanced for Xbox One X. If you’re wondering what is the “Project Scorpio” Edition, it is nothing else but the special packing that comes with the X branding (reminds us of the original Xbox console) and the “Project Scorpio” branding on the console and joystick with a custom color. So, for those who preferred the Project Scorpio name, this is the console for you to buy.

Currently, Geekay Games offers preorders for the “Project Scorpio” edition of the Xbox One X, for the same price of AED 1899. We will update you soon when other major retailers start their preorders in the UAE.