Google reportedly in final stages to buy HTC smartphone business sector

By Team Feedbaac
The possible acquisition of HTC mobile division could bring in premium Google-branded Android smartphones into the market. Can Google save HTC’s declining smartphone business?

HTC U11 UAE Launch

While the HTC U11 smartphone happens to be a good performer, the company’s smartphone business saw the lowest decline in revenue sales last August. And the latest report from DigiTimes says that Google is considering to buy the Taiwanese company’s smartphone sector, and is apparently in the final stages of acquisition.

The report states that the demand of HTC’s latest flagship rose high in July but dropped down in sales by August. According to a Chinese publication called Commercial Times, HTC is in its “final stages of negotiation with Google for selling its smartphone business”. The report states that the new deal may be a complete buyout of HTC’s smartphone division, or to make Google as a strategic partner for HTC. This doesn’t mean Google will be involved in the HTC Vive platform.

If Google acquires HTC mobile division, then this means that the Mountain View company will have complete access to their manufacturing resources and can focus on creating better hardware, such as premium Android smartphones and tablets. On the contrary, the latest Google Pixel and Pixel XL is actually made by HTC. However, recent rumors have hinted that LG will be the one to make the new Google Pixel smartphones, that’s expected to be announced later this year. There were also reports that the new Google Pixel might feature a squeeze function that’s similar to the HTC U11. It’s worth noting that HTC did not announce any new flagship at IFA 2017, while LG did unveil their latest bezel-less LG V30 smartphone.

Recent rumors also suggested that the new Google Pixel is expected to feature IP68 dust and water resistance and that the base model of the new Pixel will come with 64GB of internal storage. It’s also worth noting that one of the first Nexus smartphones were made by Google and HTC. It’s unfortunate to see that the HTC U11 isn’t getting enough attention, even when the smartphone features a great camera, fast processor, stock Android Nougat, and a fancy way (squeeze) of controlling different aspects, which by the way, is interesting to use.

An interesting point to note is that Google had acquired Motorola, back in 2012, which was a big news at its time, but the Mountain View company sold off Motorola to Lenovo. If Google acquires HTC, then does this mean that LG will not be the one to manufacture the next generation Google Pixel smartphones? Share your thoughts in the comments below and say if Google should acquire HTC mobile division.