BlackBerry may be planning to release a smartwatch with Timex

By Team Feedbaac
Will BlackBerry make the world’s most secure Android Wear smartwatch with Timex?

BlackBerry KEYone hands-on

While BlackBerry is just getting started for making good Android smartphones that are distinctively different from others (BlackBerry KEYone), it seems that the company might be getting ready to develop a smartwatch. It happens so that the company had recently signed a patent deal with the watchmaker Timex.

According to reports, Timex is looking to make on-going royalty payments to BlackBerry and has an IP portfolio of over 40,000 patents. These patents deal with topics such as wireless communications, networking infrastructure, acoustics, messaging enterprise software, OS, cybersecurity and more.

While these patents may not say anything about making a smartwatch, we cannot rule out the fact that the watchmaker might be planning to make a BlackBerry branded smartwatch. However, Jerald Gnuschke, the senior director of Intellectual Property Licensing at BlackBerry, mentioned that the new deal will allow BlackBerry to target more opportunities in the mobile communications market. This could mean that there could be a LTE-based smartwatch on the works. Whether it will run on a custom OS or Android Wear still remains to be seen.

While smartwatches get better year after year, companies focus more on adding newer features related to making calls, controlling music, standalone apps, NFC payments, and to double it as a smart fitness tracker. But none of them has carried out anything related to the security of the smartwatch. And if BlackBerry enters the market, we will be looking at the most secure smartwatch on the planet.

After the successful release of the BlackBerry KEYone, the company is now rumored to be preparing an all-screen device, codenamed Krypton. The device allegedly made its way through the FCC scanners recently and is rumored to feature an FHD display, a fingerprint scanner, and a huge 4000 mAh battery. Surprisingly, there are also hints that the company will once again go for the Snapdragon 625 processor with 4GB RAM. Looks like BlackBerry is focusing more on the battery efficiency than extreme performance. The smartphone is also said to be IP67 certified for dust and water resistance. There is also another device codenamed Juno, that’s apparently another new smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard.

It’s interesting that BlackBerry might be working on another keyboard based smartphone since they did mention about a year ago that the KEYone could be the last keyboard-based smartphone. Maybe the successful release changed their minds after all. Regardless, this is good news for BlackBerry fans and enterprise users.

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