Microsoft announces the Nokia 230, a new aluminum candybar phone with 2MP cameras

By Team Feedbaac

Microsoft has officially announced a duo of featurephones called the Nokia 230, and the Nokia 230 Dual SIM smartphones. These new devices are seen as the successors of the Nokia 130. The phone costs about 55$.

While it isn’t a high-tech smartphone, the Nokia 230 is capable of handling social services such as Facebook, Twitter, and other apps such as the Microsoft Bing, MSN Weather app, and the popular Opera Mini Browser. The Nokia 230 has a 2.8-inch QVGA resolution screen, and a MicroSD card that can accept up to 32GB inbuilt storage.

What’s more interesting is that the device supports 2MP cameras with flash on both the rear and front sides. The Nokia 230, and the Nokia 230 Dual SIM are scheduled to launch in India, and the Middle East soon by December.