Haier Announces A New Concept - Dual Drum Washing Machines

By Nikhil Deshmukh

Gone are the days when a washing machine was an ugly looking rectangular box with an option of washing and spinning clothes separately.   Every year we witness a change in the concept of washing machines as nowadays it’s not just about cleaning clothes but also about maintaining the quality of fabric. These days front loading machines are more in demand as they have more capacity and more flexibility. Leading brands have come up with a built in sink that you can use to get out nasty stains using your hands. There are also machines which have two separate drawers so you can divide your laundry accordingly.



In this year’s IFA Haier showcased a new concept of washing machines called “Haier Duo”. The most important thing in this is that you can wash a big chunk of laundry in one go as you have two big drums that work simultaneously. You have an option of washing light clothes and dark ones simultaneously, giving you the freedom of doing laundry less often. Haier has also played smart with its dimensions. Contrary to what it sounds like, the machine is just 4 feet tall.   Although, it is not good looking as its cousins from other brands, it still looks to be a handy option especially for big families.

Haier has not announced the price for it but they will be available in China next year and we hope it will hit the UAE market around a month later.