HTC plans to launch Vive VR by April 2016, no VR for this year

By Team Feedbaac

The market of virtual reality is kicking up as HTC has made an official announcement that they will release their very first virtual reality headset called the HTC Vive by next year April. The device was initially unveiled earlier this year, and was originally stated to release by the year end.

The HTC Vive is now under development, along with a popular gaming company called the Valve. HTC has already released a couple of developmental kits of the Vive to developers. And its reported that HTC will unveil a second generation Vive VR in the CES 2016 event, that’s scheduled to happen in the first week of Jan 2016.

HTC will be facing tough competition as other companies such as Sony and Facebook-owned Oculus will be releasing their own gaming VR devices as well next year.

Source: Liliputing