Etisalat promotes awareness on phone call scammers

By Team Feedbaac

Have you ever received a call regarding any sort of raffle draws winnings, or prizes from Etisalat? Then you are not alone. As people in the UAE have been facing issues with these phone scams, telecom operator Etisalat has released a new video, promoting the awareness on these kind of pranks and calls.

Etisalat says that phone scammers will usually represent themselves as popular companies or titles such as Etisalat, or Expo 2020, and then will declare that you have won cash from 200,000 to 2 million Dirhams. Then to receive the cash prize, users are asked to pay money as upfront commissions, government taxes, or probably a bank fee. It’s this fee in which users are misled to pay up to 100,000 AED.

 To make things look more legit, users are asked to send a token number through the Etisalat INF, which is sent by registering your mobile number through Etisalat’s online services. However, Etisalat states that the INF number is not legit most of the times. Another way is by sending your SIM card serial number that usually starts with “89971”. Scammers also use e-mails with fake cheque scans and prize confirmations. All said, users will then be easily convinced that these calls are for real.

The scammers will then lead users to use payment methods such as the Etisalat Payment Machines, e-vouchers, scratch cards, or online portals to transfer the money. Finally, Etisalat advices users to report to the police if they have been scammed with these kind of fraudsters.

Source: Khaleej Times