CES 2016: Gourmia Launches The 10-In-1 Multi-Function Robotic Cooker!

By Team Feedbaac

We got to witness the launch of many smart home products at the CES 2016. But, the latest smart appliance from Gourmia has to be the favourite of the lot for all home makers. Yes, we are talking about the 10-in-1 Multi-Function Robotic Cooker that was introduced by Gourmia at the tradeshow. Aimed at making kitchen life easier, this smart appliance offers a selection of cooking styles and controls to help make meals faster.

This robotic cooker is equipped with a lot of innovative features and technologies, such as the built-in hands-free stirrer, the 3D cooking technology, and the pre-programmed controls. Sam Ash (The Chief Marketing Officer for Gourmia) says, "No matter what their skill level, the Gourmia 10-in-1 Multi-Function Robotic Cooker is every cook's new best friend".

"It's like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, and in many ways an extra kitchen stove as well. Loaded with innovative thinking and a host of advanced features, it is unquestionably a must-have for culinary enthusiasts, healthy-eating devotees, and techies disguised as foodies. With its ultra-modern techno design, the Gourmia Robotic Cooker looks as if it belongs in a Hollywood blockbuster", he further added.