Motorola will soon be rebranded as “Moto”

By Team Feedbaac

It seems like Lenovo who currently owns Motorola since 2014, is in the verge of revamping the iconic brand name from the original “Motorola” to just simply “Moto”.

The information was hinted by none other than Rick Osterloh, the COO of Motorola during an interview with CNET. Future Motorola Android smartphones and smartwatches will be sold under the “Moto by Lenovo” branding. This shouldn’t be a surprise as most of Motorola’s products are already sold with the "Moto" branding, such as the Moto G, Moto X, Moto 360. Also, the company plans to keep the “M” iconic logo too.

The new branding changes are bound to take effect soon for the upcoming 2016 Lenovo portfolio.