CES 2016: Top 9 Coolest Home Appliances We've Seen At The Show!

By Nabanita Maji

As usual, the Consumer Electronics Show is the place where most of the major companies from around the world, showcase their latest products, future concepts and innovations. And this year’s CES 2016 isn’t an exception.

While today marks the end of CES 2016 event, we have highlighted some of the best smart home appliances that have been demonstrated in the event. Let’s begin.

Gourmia Robotic Cooker


Gourmia's 10-In-1 Multi-Function Robotic Cooker that was launched at the CES (2016) show, has become one of our favourites. This smart appliance is equipped with a lot of innovative features and technologies, such as the built-in hands-free stirrer, the 3D cooking technology, and the pre-programmed controls. The 10-In-1 Multi-Function Robotic Cooker offers a selection of cooking styles and controls to help make meals faster.

LG's robotic vacuum cleaner


This year's CES show witnessed the launch of LG's Hom-Bot Turbo+ robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with a range of interesting features. This appliance uses cameras to serve as a sort of roving security droid for your home. It also enables you to clean a specific area by just tapping on the screen.

Samsung Family Hub fridge


Samsung's Family Hub fridge is yet another big launch at the CES tradeshow this year. With an enormous touchscreen, web-connected cameras, and a smartphone app, this smart fridge is a brilliant product. And the idea surrounding this latest appliance is to assist families in organizing their kitchen activities.

Panasonic High-Power Blender


Panasonic displayed its much-talked about High-Power Blender at CES 2016. It features a stainless steel six-blade cutting system, with a powerful 1200-watt motor. This blender is capable of chopping, grinding, churning, and much more.

Marathon Laundry Machine


Image Credits: Buisness Insider

The Marathon Laundry is a double-duty appliance that was displayed at CES 2016, in Las Vegas. This brilliant appliance features "a Freescale i.MX6 quad-core CPU (based on the ARM Cortex-A9), a gigabyte of main memory, Yocto embedded Linux, and a multi-touch screen". It combines washing and drying into a single cycle. Sounds interesting, isn't it?

LG Signature air purifier


One of the most high-profile launches was LG's Signature air purifier that makes the air cleansing process a visual affair. Equipped with innovative features, this air purifier saves both your money and time.

Keurig Kold machine


Image Credits: Mashable

At CES 2016, Keurig launched its new Kold machine- a one-button carbonated drink dispenser. You can now enjoy your favourite cocktail at any time of the day, and all thanks goes to the Keurig Kold machine.


LifeFuel's iPhone-Connected Water Bottle


LifeFuel recently showcased its iPhone-Connected water bottle, which is quite similar to a protein shake shaker. According to the reports, LifeFuel has sold out its "first run of pre-orders". It is now taking orders for the second run.


Sensorwake alarm clock


If you hate waking up to those harsh, loud, annoying alarm clock buzzers, here's a good news for you. At the recent CES show, we were introduced to the Sensorwake alarm clock that promises to make your mornings smell like chocolate aroma, or the sharp smell of mint, or maybe the bracing scent of the seaside. The SensorWake's latest alarm clock concept uses scents to get you out of bed in the morning.