iOS 9 Update Finally Arrives For Indian Users

By Pratyusha

After a lot of hype Apple finally rolled out iOS 9 to users in India today. Apple users have the choice of downloading the update directly onto their iOS devices or do it through iTunes. iOS 9 is available for almost all iPhones, iPads and 5th generation iPods as a free software update. In short, any device that can run iOS 8 can also run iOS 9.

The new version of iOS comes with a lot of spectacular features especially for the Indian consumers. It has new keyboards Hinglish, Punjabi, Telugu and Gujrati languages. There is also a Hindi transliteration keyboard which makes typing in Hindi a lot easier. Users can type out Hindi words using English alphabets and the software automatically converts it into Devanagri script. And, what’s more? The auto correct feature even replaces wrongly spelled words with the correct ones.

While this feature was offered by third party keyboards previously, this is the first time Apple has introduced such a function. Considering how Apple has gone the extra mile to provide such updates for Indian users, it is going to prove very popular update indeed.