Dubai officials ban hoverboards in public and crowded areas

By Team Feedbaac

While hoverboards seems to be a cool means of travelling on the public, there are many disadvantages of the gadget that causes inconvenience for others on the road, injuries due to lack of experience, and even unexpected accidents that lead to deaths. Many countries and cities have already realized the danger of these new toys, and Dubai has joined among other cities such as the Netherlands, New York, UK, Hong Kong and Australia to ban the use of hoverboards in public areas for good.

According to a report by Gulf News, Dubai Municipality has officially confirmed that these boards are prohibited in public areas, crowded places, roads and sidewalks. However, these boards can be used in designated areas, such as cycling tracks in parks, and other places that allow skateboards and bicycles.

It should be noted that hoverboards were banned from being used in shopping malls. Dubai Police has also confirmed that those found to be using hoverboards in public areas will be fined with AED 200.