Tom Clancy’s The Division: File size on Xbox One and PS4 surfaces officially

By Team Feedbaac

Game lovers now have lots to cheer about as the file-size of the much expected Tom Clancy’s The Division has now been announced officially for both Xbox One and PS4 platforms across the world. The game is all set to get a global release on 8 March 2016.


According to an official Xbox Store listing, Tom Clancy’s The Division will require at least 32.29GB of physical drive space within Xbox One consoles, while the PlayStation version can be installed only when there is 29.8GB free memory available at any given point in time.

For new Xbox One purchasers, Tom Clancy’s The Division bundle is currently up for purchase on the Xbox Store. The game’s developers have already started seeding pre-loads of the game. Gamers can grab their pre-loads currently.

The Division’s pre-loading for PS4 users will begin from 6 March.