AMD announces the world’s fastest dual-GPU graphics card

By Team Feedbaac

AMD Radeon technologies have officially announced the Radeon Pro Duo, the world’s fastest graphics card solution that’s even designed to handle 4K and VR gaming. Unlike normal graphics cards, the Radeon Pro Duo consists of two GPU units in a single card for faster performances.

For now, the Radeon Pro Duo achieved a 3D Mark FireStrike benchmark score of 6211 when compared against other dual-GPUs, such as the NVIDIA Titan Z, and the older Radeon 295 X2. 3D Mark is a popular benchmark application used to test the performance of graphics cards.

Not much specifications have been unveiled yet, but it's assumed that the card may feature 8GB HBM RAM. AMD claims the theoretical output of the Radeon Pro Duo is 16 TFlops of computing performance. AMD has also implemented liquid cooling for the card to keep up with the GPU’s heat dissipation. The AMD Radeon Pro Duo is priced at $1500.