WhatsApp brings bold and italic text formats, Xbox Live offers cross-platform gameplay, Huawei P9 sports dual-cams, and more to read

By Team Feedbaac

We take a look back at some of the best news that happened last week.

  • All WhatsApp fans will soon be able to add bold or italic text formatting for all your chat text. This way, you can emphasize your chats better to highlight the importance of the matter at hand. The update is currently only for the Android users. Hope that the other platforms gets the feature as well. Click here to read more.


  • Most of us who are tech-savvy are eager to know the latest upcoming products right? So, Huawei who is poised to announce the P9 smartphone sometime soon has published a teaser that highlights the presence of a dual-camera setup on the rear. Even better, the lens is made by Leica who is known for their great camera lens. Click here to check out the story.


  • Huawei wasn’t the only one who is focusing on better smartphone cameras. It seems HTC’s upcoming HTC 10 flagship smartphone that’s scheduled to go official soon will have a “Word’s First, World Class, Front and Back” cameras, according to a teaser tweet by HTC themselves.


  • Now to all the gamers out there, news is that Microsoft is officially ready to support cross-platform gaming between Xbox One and PC gamers for common games. Sony is also ready to support cross-platform gaming between common games. This is big news!


  • That’s not all. Sony has finally confirmed the pricing and release window for the anticipated PlayStation VR The device is stated to be released sometime in October, for a price of AED 1499.


  • For all the PC enthusiasts and hardcore PC gamers, AMD has officially announced their long awaited dual-GPU Radeon Pro Duo graphics card. The card has a theoretical throughput of 16GFlops, making it the fastest and most powerful card today. Click here for more.


  • While Google has yet to give a name for the impressive Android N, word is it that the internal code name of Android N is called as “New York Cheesecake”.

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