Microsoft Band 2 images purportedly leak out online

By Vinu Varughese

Exactly a year ago, Microsoft had launched a fitness wearable called the Microsoft Band. It boasted fitness features such as tracking the number of steps, check your heart rate, sleep calculator, trainer guide and GPS. You could also read your messages synced from your Smartphone, and use it as a watch. But for months, rumors have been circulating about a new successor called the Microsoft Band 2.

Thanks to, we now have a glimpse of what the new smart wearable will look like. The so called Band 2 now boasts a new curvy design with metal accents, along with a curved display. The original Band had a flat screen. Other expected features include an optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer, GPS, UV sensor and so on. Expect the device to be announced along with the new Windows 10 Lumia flagships on 6th October.