Emirates Post launches automated e-lockers across the UAE

By Team Feedbaac

In an effort to improve deliveries of shipments, and to boost e-commerce, UAE based Emirates Post Group will soon be installing automated “e-lockers” based kiosks in across the country, and especially in areas where local post offices are hard to reach. This move is to improve the response for the demand of “last mile delivery” through e-commerce based agencies, said Ebrahim Bin Karam, the Chief Commercial Officer at Emirates Post.

Emirates Post has already purchased about five of these kiosks from an Austrian company, and another 20 of them in order. These kiosk costs between AED 60,000 to AED 70,000 each. Each of these new kiosks holds over 38 lockers of different size factors. The new kiosks will first be installed in busy neighborhoods, and near shopping malls. Bin Karam also added that in one and half years, more than 100 e-locker kiosks will be implemented across the country.

Emirates Post has also partnered with popular e-commerce companies, such as DHL, UPS, and Namshi to take advantage of this new venture. With the installation of these new kiosks, Emirates Post will be able to get AED 5 profit from every shipment. Currently, Emirates Post deals with over 11,000 shipments daily, including letters and e-commerce packages.

While the e-commerce market in the UAE holds a value over half a billion Dhirhams, it’s expected to reach over AED 2.5 billion within the next three years

According to Bin Karam, the new kiosks will work at the following:
• Once Emirates Post receives the parcel from the airports, the receiver is informed.

• Customers can either choose door-to-door delivery either at home or office, to pick it up from the closest branch or pick it up themselves through the new kiosks.

• If they choose the kiosk delivery option, customers will receive an SMS once the locker is loaded and will also receive a security code to unlock the locker to pick up their shipments.

• The lockers are loaded at midnight and would be ready to collect from 7:30am.


• Once at the kiosk, the customer will enter the code and scan their Emirates ID to open the locker. Another message will be sent to them once the process is done.

• If the parcel is not collected from the machine within three days, it is returned to Emirates Post’s main hub.


• The kiosk is monitored round-the clock by CCTV.

Additionally, Emirates Post has also launched a UAE Stamp Shop. It’s an online shop that offers over 40 different stamps issued between the year 2012 and 2016. Users can have the stamps delivered by registered post to any region, and can customize the stamps based on different special occasions, namely Mother’s Day and New Year.