Samsung Rumored To Bring Out Two Flagship Phones In 2016

By Pratyusha

Fresh news has surfaced regarding the next line of Samsung flagship phones. Samsung is rumored to develop not one but two new phones in the Galaxy series. According to Neuro Gadget, the next generation of Samsung Galaxy phones will be called Galaxy S7 and S7+ and they will have features quite similar to iPhones.

The rumors also say that the upcoming Galaxy S7 will have a display size of 5.2 inches while the S7+ will feature a larger 5.8 inch display. Both devices are likely to have 4GB RAM and possibly a new Exynos processor to power them. It is also possible that both devices will have  Turtle Glass for added protection.

As per Android Origin, the new Galaxy phones could be released as early as January which is great news for Samsung fans.