Selfie Addicts Can Now Click Pics While They Eat

By Pratyusha

Selfie addicts have an awesome new gadget to rejoice about. Cereal giant Cinnamon Toast Crunch has created a product that all selfie lovers and instagrammers would love to get their hands on – a Selfie Spoon. The Selfie Spoon is a fun new device which is basically a regular selfie stick with a spoon at the end of the handle. Weird as it sounds, this is sure to be a hit among foodies who live to share their food escapades via selfies. As the YouTube ad for the Selfie Spoon says, So why choose between eating and posting? With the Selfie Spoon, you can do both.”

The Selfie Spoon can extend up to 30 inches and has a remote shutter button. It is available in both iOS and Android compatible versions. The Selfie Spoon was being sold for free online, but the high demand has already led it to being sold out. However, the brand promises that it will be back in stock soon. Once you get your Selfie Spoon, share your “selfie-monials” with the hashtag #SelfieSpoon and enjoy.