Zing Offers A Fun Alternative To Pricey Smartwatches

By Pratyusha

A new fun wearable goes on sale this week as Zing launches its range of fashion wearables. Zing, a Cambridge based firm, has created a new range of smartwatches that offer more interaction than a standard fitness tracker. Ludo Chapman, commercial director of MvBii, the company behind the smartwatches, says, "We wanted to create a brand which fits into the lives of the people who will use it and not be a standalone piece of technology demanding your instant attention."

The Zing wearables can be worn as a watch or as a pendant. They monitor your mood using built-in sensors and come with an accompanying app and website which allow you to link with friends. According to Ludo Chapman, the Zing was launched as a fun alternative to high end products like the Apple Watch.

The first batch of Zing products have already rolled out and the company is getting ready for more orders for the future. So, if you want some Zing in your life, get ordering now.