Apple bets big with their next iPhone, Google could bring Android into your eyes, HTC smartwatch launch expected and more

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We hope that your long weekend has been great folks. While you’re at it, we have listed you a summary of the best tech news that has happened throughout the week.


  • It seems Google wants to bring technology into your eyes. A patent filed by Google indicates that there might be an age where users will be interacting with user interfaces straight within our eyes. The concept involves integrating an “intra-ocular” device with the help of needles and substances in the cornea. The device will then display content, and interact with an outside device such as a smartphone. Click here to know more.


  • Better late than never. While many companies have already entered the smartwatch, HTC has been rumored to launch a smartwatch for the last few years, although, the company was never seen to introduce one yet officially. But it seems Evan Blass, a trusted source for leaks and information claims that they intend to unveil a new smart wearable soon. Know more.


  • With Apple returns to launch small screen smartphones like the iPhone SE, it was evident that other companies will want to capture that market as well. Sony who has already made small sized flagship smartphones like the recent Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, is now rumored to be making two 4.6-inch smartphones. It’s worth noting that Samsung did not release a mini version of the Galaxy S6 lineup. Check out the whole details here.


  • If you were planning to buy a mini-Windows laptop/tablet with the well-known Intel Atom processors, chances are that this may be the last year you will see Atom processors in the market. Intel has officially declared to halt further development and productions of Atom processor line-up, and focus on other chips such as the Core M. However, the Cherry Trail processors will continue to be sold this year. Check out more.


  • In an interview with CNBC, Tim Cook, who is the CEO of Apple made a bold statement that the next iPhone (which is likely the iPhone 7) will have features that will make users wonder how they could live without them. Tim Cook did not specify exactly what kind of innovation was he talking about here, and while this might just to heat up the hype, the device may likely be announced later this year. Read more.


  • While most fingerprint scanners on smartphones reside mostly on the home button, LG has now created a fingerprint sensor that can be placed under the main glass screen. The new sensors will allow phonemakers to create thinner screen designs. Expect this new style of sensors to be implemented inside future smartphones such as the LG G6, and other future LG Nexus devices. The new design will possibly encourage other companies to create similar technologies as well. Read more.


  • To further sweeten the deal, Microsoft has added Sunset Overdrive for Xbox Live May games, which is only playable for Xbox One gamers until 15th May 2016.


  • Sony Xperia Middle East has started a promo giveaway four premiere tickets to watch Angry Birds movie tomorrow. All you have to do is retweet the tweet, and wait for Sony Xperia ME to select you. Click here to know more.

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