XCOM Hunters Alien 2 DLC now officially announced

By Team Feedbaac

XCOM 2, the fantasy title released to gamers across the world during February this year, is all set to witness a new DLC called the Alien Hunters. However, the downloadable content is a paid one, costing AED 37 approximately (USD 10).

Gamers can get themselves the Alien Hunters DLC beginning 13 May (12 May in the US).

New aspects within XCOM 2 Alien Hunters:

  • Brand-new Hunter’s Lodge
  • Three new Rulers including Viper King
  • Four new weapons viz. a Bolt Caster, Hunter’s Axe, a high-damage causing single-shot and a new blade with enhanced destruction ability.
  • Three new Armor suits, with each created from a Ruler Alien’s corpse
  • Multiple performance enhancements and bug fixes.