WhatsApp launches its desktop app for Mac and Windows PC’s, but still needs your smartphone to remain online

By Team Feedbaac

While most of the users out there are now content with the browser based WhatsApp Web, the company has now officially launched its dedicated desktop clients for the Mac and Windows PC platform.

Just like WhatsApp Web, you can chat, send images, videos, share documents with your friends, create new groups, delete chat and so on. So in functionality wise, there isn’t much difference at all, except for the fact that users will now be able to get notifications directly to your PC, without the need to open the browser for WhatsApp Web. While WhatsApp Desktop uses the same QR code scanning sign-in method as WhatsApp Web, the new desktop app unfortunately needs your main smartphone to remian online for the app to work.

Click here to install WhatsApp for desktop. The app is compatible for Windows 8+, and Mac OS 10.9+ users.

Source: WhatsApp Blog